Marlen Cinemas is about providing the urban middle class with Multiplex experience within the normal budget through its product called “Screen-Marlen” . Marlen Cinemas works jointly with Single screen theatre owner to convert it to match the multiplex standard. Marlen Cinemas has made this present in the recently renovated SK THEATRE located in Alandur, Chennai with its product “Screen-Marlen”.

Screen-Marlen that is present in SK Theatre is having the best possible infrastructure like cushion and push back seats, AC, Snacks table, DTS sound system and digital experience. Also Screen-Marlen is added with a best food court that provides best food and services round the clock and during the interval of the movies.

Marlen Cinemas is planning to provide its model “Screen-Marlen” to various stand alone Theatres that is present in and around Chennai. Through “Screen-Marlen” Marlen Cinemas works in upgrading the infrastructure- by providing best suitable seats, best screen and Best sound system complying all the rules. Marlen Cinemas provide site planning to manage the parking space and providing the customers with other multiplex experience like Food court, Retail store etc. Marlen Cinemas motto is to work towards to bring best available theatre experience for urban population within their budget.